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Mid Semester Work In Progress (WIP)

This Work In Progress (WIP) is going to be like a tapas menu of writing. I want us to pull from a few different forms to try on different types of researching and writing but without having to commit to a full length paper 💫

I also want to play with this disjointed process because it’s more similar to how we actually write, or how we *can* write if we take the pressure off trying to get from start to finish in one sitting.

So here’s what we’re “writing”:

The first section will use the genre of the Reflective Annotated Bibliography (RefAnnBib). A RefAnnBib is a way to collect notes about a source you’re using for research. I actually use a sloppier version of this for my own note taking because I’ve found it to be a helpful organizational tool. I can ctrl-f in my Google Drive and find the quotes/sources I need easily.

Here’s a student example of a RefAnnBib entry. 

It starts with the citation (try Scribbr it’s free and great and mostly correct!), and then I usually mark a few quotes with pages numbers, followed by a short summary and reflection.

The summary is a quick couple of sentences or bullet points so I can remember what the source was about if I go back to it in 2 months. The reflection thinking about how it might connect with other sources I’m reading or a larger project.

I would like you to try this method with three sources, two academic and one non-academic. The topic is of your choosing, if it’s easier, pick sources from your field or things you might need to know about for other classes.

Next, I want you to use Dr. Silipatham’s formula to create a mock IMRD section of your own with information from the 3 sources you found in your RefAnnBib. I’m interested in the form, not the content. I’m trying to think of a good engineering analogy… protype? autocad draft? shell webpage?

You only have to practice with one section and it doesn’t even have to be complete, please only write approx 250 words of whichever section you want to work on. Maybe you have other courses that require lab reports and you want to practice writing a mock section of a lab or a mock section of a journal article. Make it applicable for you!

Messy, incomplete, color-coded, it’s all great! Whatever works for you to get the information from your mind onto the digital page.

TL:DR version:

  • Research 3 sources (academic and non academic)
  • Complete a RefAnnBib entry for each
  • Use the sources to write a mock section of a lab report or journal article roughly using Dr. Silipatham’s formula approx 250 words

Let’s have this due Nov 4th