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hey all!

I haven’t forgotten about you. I was going to post this module last week, and here we are. I’ve actually been thinking a lot about you while I’ve been what feels like drowning in the bowels of this semester.

I’m sure no one’s said it, but I will: I’m so sorry you (we) have to go back in person next semester. Tbh it feels like a type of violence. For those of us who are continuing to survive this pandemic, we haven’t even begun to acknowledge the long-term trauma of what we’ve been experiencing. If I’m truly burned out, I’m sure you are too.

I titled this module “rest” because so much of the strain that we’re experiencing is the weight of constructed capitalist systems literally crushing us. How are your bodies? Mine feels wrung out, without nourishment, without replenishment. My throat is sore (not covid) and my reserves have run out.

Maybe I’m just projecting! I hope you’re all thriving, but if you’re not, just know that it’s okay. Or at least it’s human.

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  1. This week’s module was much needed for some stress relief. Honestly, I am not ready to go for full in-person classes after having 4 semesters of virtual learning. Daily commute to campus can be exhausting and most of us have organized our work schedule according to current situation. Now, everything needs to be recalibrated for next semester. It’s like March, 2020 repeating again with same mental and emotional shock. I appreciate Prof. Stella for bringing out this topic of discussion as class activity. Hopefully, we get a little rest during the winter break. Stay Strong everyone!

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